5 Ways AI could change IT Support in the Future

When businesses gather relevant data from their operations, they can use AI to analyze the data sets and use the results to guide their actions. Intelligence derived from more extensive datasets, some of them public, can provide even more raw material for pattern detection. All of this data is especially important for IT support because, as IT systems and infrastructure become more complex, there is an increased need for more delivering that support more effectively and efficiently. Data analytics supported by AI can guide technical support for in-house users and customers and provide that support in a more efficient and targeted manner.

1. AI Can Analyze Customer Data to Personalize and Improve IT Support

Data from CRM applications and product sales can be analyzed to deliver personalized support, helping provide fast service tailored to customer needs. As customers call in, IT support personnel will not only have customer names, purchase history and systems information up front–they will also be provided with possible issues a particular customer may have and potential solutions. For example, if a customer has older equipment, they may need an upgrade. If they have installed new software, perhaps there are known issues. Support can also be personalized by allowing customers to select self-help when desired, or receive human support immediately. This can increase customer satisfaction while reducing time spent on support.


2. Patterns Extracted from Large Databases Can Help with Issue Resolution

Large databases can include customer data, product testing data, product defect and failure data, operational data, and data from past support and service calls. AI can analyze such large data sets to find patterns that can be used to determine what action is appropriate, and to execute that action as well. For example, a call that is likely a user name or password problem can be routed to an automatic system that issues new credentials. Users with common issues that crop up repeatedly can be sent to an online self-help system. Standard frontline tech support staff can respond to those with simple problems, while specialists deal only with very difficult issues. IT support services can also be customized on a technical as well as a personal level.


3. Machine Learning Can Identify Solutions to IT Service Personnel Based on Past Support

Analyzing a database of past service calls, with information on associated symptoms, solutions applied, and end results can allow AI to determine which solutions might work for new support calls. If a customer has experienced a pattern of issues with a product, AI might be able to suggest a solution for that particular situation based on information in a shared database. If a customer has issues that are similar to those of other customers in the past, AI can analyze the broader data and propose solutions that have worked elsewhere. Data from each service call adds to the database and helps to improve the quality of future AI responses.


4. Predictive Analysis Can Enable IT Support to Identify Issues Before They Become Problems

When operational data and data on product support are analyzed, AI may be able to predict where problems are likely to occur. Problematic usage patterns or patterns of operational behavior can be identified and AI can suggest actions to avoid future problems. For example, repeated network slowdowns may be a symptom of a misconfiguration that can be fixed before a failure occurs. Unexpected computer shutdowns may mean a hard drive is about to fail and should be replaced. A combination of data and AI can allow IT support to identify the reasons for unusual system behavior and deliver better reliability by preventing major problems.


5. AI Can Identify New Network Security Threat Patterns, Alerting IT Support to Find Corresponding Solutions

When AI analyzes the network traffic of an IT system and other operating data, it can help detect unusual patterns that may indicate security issues. These possible threats to system security can then immediately be flagged or blocked by IT support to make sure vulnerabilities are not exploited. AI-supported analysis of such patterns can make your entire IT system more secure.


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