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Not very long ago when a company needed to hold a meeting, they would simply gather everyone together in a conference room and begin the discussion. Today, however, companies often have people working from multiple locations. In addition, since COVID began, a large number of people are working remotely or have some type of hybrid schedule, which can make it difficult to bring everyone into the same room.

This is why move and more companies are taking advantage of digital conference solutions such as Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms. These options have been around for a number of years, but have exploded in popularity since the recent pandemic.

Read on to learn more about the many advantages that they offer, and see if it makes sense for your business to use them.


Extremely Easy to Start and Run Meetings

One of the best things about both Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms is that they are extremely easy to use. After you have your IT support services team install the relevant software and hardware, you can set up a meeting room in just seconds. Once you have your room set up, you can manage it easily from your PC, laptop, or phone, and you can start a meeting simply by pushing a button.


Ideal for Adding Remote or Hybrid Workers

Having a digital conference room allows remote or hybrid workers to participate in key meetings happening at a site without missing a beat. Many companies have all of their workers join a digital room for their meetings, even when they are in the office. If your company has both on-site and remote workers, or you offer a hybrid work schedule, having digital conference rooms will make it a lot easier to bring everyone together to discuss important topics.


Easily Bring Team Members Together from Multiple Locations

Having workers at multiple different locations is another common challenge that companies have to overcome. In today’s global economy, companies often have offices in multiple cities throughout a country or even around the world. Getting everyone on a phone call has been an option for a long time, but with digital conference rooms, everyone can get together through video.

Video conferencing like this is much more effective from a communication standpoint than simply using an audio connection. The entire team will benefit from being able to see facial expressions, hand gestures, and much more. In addition, when people are together over video, they are more likely to be actively engaged in the meeting rather than distracted by other things in the area. Integrating capabilities like whiteboarding further enhances communication and collaboration.


Better Interactivity Between Local and Remote Participants

One of the best things about using Zoom or Microsoft Teams Rooms is that it allows both local and remote participants to be actively engaged in the meeting. Many companies will set up a physical room with a large TV screen to display the virtual participants. Thanks to the real-time streaming capabilities, this allows everyone to participate in the meetings as if they were all in the same room together.


Getting Your Virtual Conference Rooms Set Up

Setting up Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams is surprisingly easy and affordable. An IT support services team from a company like GSDSolutions can get the necessary applications set up on each device in just moments. Since these video conferencing tools are hosted through Zoom and Microsoft respectively, there is no need to have a local server or other costly equipment. You simply have the needed accounts created and your entire organization will be able to enjoy the convenience of being able to access digital conference rooms.

In general, these conference room platforms are very user friendly. For meeting organizers, once the local application is set up, it is easy to send out invites in just moments. For participants, joining the room is as easy as clicking on a link. If anyone does have issues, they can always reach out to GSDSolutions IT support services in Mountain View, the greater Bay Area, and the Central Valley to get the assistance they need.

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