Virtual Event Management

COVID-19 really has changed how we do business. Global pandemic notwithstanding, people still need to meet in large groups, socialize and exchange ideas. We can help you do this “virtually" with our virtual event management services.

virtual event management

Web Conferencing on Steroids

Just about anyone these days can run a ZOOM web conference with attendees number up to about a hundred people. But what happens when you have hundreds or perhaps even thousands of people attending your online event? The skillset and resources required to manage such large virtual events is something altogether different than what it takes to run a ZOOM web conference. We take a three-pronged approach to virtual event solutions and management. This includes, technical project management, technical event management and event recording/post-production. Here are some of the benefits of our approach:

Benefits of Virtual Event Management

  • Worry-free technology so that you can focus on delivering a great experience to your attendees and not on technical issues.
  • Budget-friendly platform selection to ensure that you’re not paying for more technology than you need in putting on your virtual event.
  • Event recording and post-production that allows you to continue to leverage your investment in your event into the indefinite future.

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Our Process


Gather Requirements

How many attendees will your virtual event have? How many speakers? Multi-day event? Are "virtual breakout rooms" needed? Does your event have vendors/sponsors? Do you want your attendees to interact/network directly with each other?


Webinar Platform Selection

We work with you to select a webinar platform that will not only meet your technical requirements but also adhere to your budget as well.


Attendee Registration

We work with you to get you attendees registered for your event. (We don’t take any money from your attendees if you’re charging a fee for your event, but we can help make sure that your registration and payment system(s) are working correctly.)


"Dress Rehearsals"

As the date(s) of your event approaches, we setup "dress rehearsals" for your event speakers to ensure they understand the webinar platform being used and to troubleshoot any technical issues at this stage…rather than during the event itself!


Technical Event Management

During the virtual event, our virtual event services handle all technical aspects of running the webinar platform. This includes any "virtual main stages", breakout sessions, networking functions, etc. We'll even manage your event's "virtual green room" for your speakers to stage themselves in prior to speaking live to your attendees.


Technical Support

Also, during your event, we provide you with real-time support for your meeting speakers and email support for your attendees should technical issues arise. Our virtual event management services cover the technical aspects required for a successful event. Check the reviews section on our Home page.

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