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Digitization has become a driving factor behind helping businesses grow, stay competitive, and better connect with customers. It also has the ability to drastically improve efficiency, while making even the most tedious day to day tasks easier. If you’ve never considered digitizing your business processes, now is the time to look more closely at the benefits.

How Does Digitizing Your Business Processes Make You More Productive?

Digitizing business processes allows you to use current technologies to optimize your current workflows, which in turn helps you to accomplish more in less time and with less effort. Another way it can help you is making communication and collaboration with your customers easier.

The overall result is that your investment in technology provides you with increased efficiency and reduced operating costs. Managed IT services providers are adept in helping you identify and implement helpful digital technologies to help you meet your business’s goals.


Which Business Processes to Digitize

With all the advances in technology, there’s very little you can’t digitize. Choosing the right business processes to digitize means looking at what’s most important for your company. What processes seem to slow things down or cause friction with customers and employees?

Some of the most common processes that are candidates for automating or optimizing include:

  • Network and data security

Automating real-time monitoring and single-point administration for all network devices is a commonly needed enhancement, replacing manual processes that require much more manpower. Simplifying data access, automating backups, and implementing recovery plans to run in the event the worst does happen are also things to look at.

  • Data access

    When data is only accessible at your business, it’s more difficult for employees to access what they need, especially when they’re out of the office. Cloud-based data storage gives employees and even clients access to what they need from any location and any device, making it more convenient and less time-consuming.

  • Disparate software applications that don’t talk to each other

    Businesses often have numerous software applications that don’t connect to each other. This means wasted hours manually entering much of the same information from one application that produces it, into the next application that needs it. It also means it’s more difficult for all employees to access up to date data at any given point. IT service providers can help you streamline things by using integrated software that works in the cloud and automatically updates each data point where needed without requiring any additional manual entry.

  • IT infrastructure

    Nowadays, you can digitize almost anything, including your IT hardware infrastructure! This includes servers, networks, and computing resources, which saves you from having to invest in having all your equipment on site. It’s also much easier to scale, and far more affordable.

  • IT support

    For SMBs, having a large IT team on-site isn’t always feasible. You can make that function more cost effective by partnering with a managed service provider. This gives you support when you need it at a more affordable and predictable cost.

  • Customer communications and collaboration

    Earlier, we mentioned how technology can make communication and collaboration with customers easier earlier in this article. You can accomplish this by using technologies such as web conferencing and online collaboration tools for customer meetings. These make connecting with your customers easier than ever, while providing a better overall experience for them.


Choosing what to digitize, along with managing it, doesn’t have to be difficult. Business IT services providers can show you ways to simplify the process while also ensuring you’re optimizing the right processes for your particular business.


What is the Value to Your Business?

Of course, before deciding to digitize more of your business processes, you’ll want to know if it’s worth the investment. The main value comes in terms of efficiency and cost savings through the following:

  • Using cloud services

    This provides anywhere access to data and software. As a result, you can use nearly any device without needing higher end and more expensive hardware. It also improves up-time since you’re not relying on on-site servers that could crash.

  • Cost savings

    Digitizing processes help you save on hardware and software. With cloud services, you only pay for the storage and resources you use versus investing in more than you need.

  • Reducing repetitive tasks

    Employees waste numerous hours re-entering data, which can also result in costly human error mistakes. Software that works seamlessly together reduces the need for manual re-entry, reducing mistakes and giving employees more time to focus on other tasks.


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