Is Microsoft really ready to take on the likes of ZOOM, GoToMeeting, and other big web conferencing platforms with their Teams product? Microsoft has been busily adding features and functionality to Teams that most of the other platforms have had for some time now…and they are doing at NO ADDITIONAL cost beyond a standard Microsoft 365 subscription. Microsoft is clearly targeting the Zoom market that has ballooned during the pandemic.

Perhaps Microsoft is simply gauging interest/adoption by current Microsoft 365 Teams users to see if there is a revenue stream to be had here or perhaps these new features signal an “all in” approach by Microsoft. Time will tell.

Regardless of what their “go to market” strategy may be for the proliferation of Teams users, the process for adding conferencing is a relatively simple one:

  • Login to your Office365 Admin Portal
  • Go to Billing > Purchase Services
  • Select the Add-on “Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing Adoption Promo”
    • The easiest way to do this is to use the search bar on the top and type in Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing Adoption Promo
    • Scroll to the bottom in the Add-on section
  • Click on “Details” and you will then see the Buy Screen
    • It says it is only free for 1 year
  • You will be asked to do the checkout process for adding licenses in Microsoft 365 - all at $0 dollars!
    • You can add as many licenses as you want at this stage
  • After the licenses have been added, you will then need to add them to each induvial user
  • Teams meetings invites (for licensed users) will now include a call-in option similar to the meeting invite below:
Microsoft Teams Meetingsv1_dc_2021-03-19-01_compressed

If you have any questions regarding Teams (or any of the other web conferencing platforms on the market), please reach out to us at

Scott Davison

Co-Founder, GSDSolutions

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