While tools like Zoom make virtual event management seem overly simple, planning a major virtual event requires far more technical expertise. You’ll also want support from a partner that’s not only available during the event, but prior to the event as well.


When you have hundreds or thousands of attendees eager to attend a virtual experience, you want it to run smoothly. Picking a technical support service is critical to ensuring the best possible experience for everyone involved. It also ensures all your hard work pays off.


Look for Virtual Event Management Experience


Since it’s a virtual event, you might think any IT service provider will do. However, managing virtual events requires a completely different set of processes than managing the day-to-day aspects of a business network. While a provider may be able to handle the challenges of both with ease, they need to have experience in both areas.


Speak with fellow businesses and brands to see who they’ve used. Look for providers that specifically offer technical virtual event services expertise. They’ll also be able to provide references. Plus, you should be able to easily find reviews on business directories and professional networks like LinkedIn.


A provider with this type of experience doesn’t just support your business or event. They’ll also be experienced with supporting hundreds or thousands of attendees as well.


Understand the Technical Aspects Involved


A major virtual event is a little different than a quick Zoom meeting with a dozen co-workers or presenting a new product or concept to board members. You’ll need more than just a high-quality webcam.


Your technical support partner handles a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Helping pick the right webinar platform to support your goals and needs
  • Making the registration process easier for attendees
  • Setting up various virtual stages for different speakers, showcases, and more
  • Managing breakout sessions for attendees to get more from your event
  • Setting up networking functions for attendees to chat and socialize
  • Creating virtual green rooms for your speakers to prep
  • Technical support for both your speakers and attendees if any issues do arise



While you’re swamped getting speakers lined up, interacting with attendees, and preparing presentations, you don’t want to have to worry about all the technical aspects. Plus, while you might know what’s involved, actually handling any issues that come up might not be in your area of expertise. This could easily cause frustrating delays, connection issues, and other problems during your virtual event.


Choose a Partner Over a Provider


Your virtual event is important to your business, so you want it to matter to your technical support services provider too. You want a partner that’s not just interested in payment, but ensuring your event runs as flawlessly as possible.


Look for a provider that has a reputation for going above and beyond basic IT services for virtual events. These providers aren’t just there for you during the event. They’re your partner throughout the planning stage as well. While they might not handle actually lining up speakers and choosing what breakout sessions you’ll have, they do ensure you have the technical support necessary for everything you’re planning.


Your provider can even help set up registration options so attendees can start registering as soon as you’re ready. In addition to the planning process, you want a provider that sets up a virtual dress rehearsal. After all, testing the process, letting speakers rehearse, and working out any glitches early is a good thing.


Before you host any virtual event, take the time to find a technical support service provider with extensive experience in virtual event management. With GSDSolutions, it’s all about Getting Stuff Done the right way for successful virtual events, including gathering requirements, selecting a webinar platform, helping attendees register, hosting dress rehearsals, managing technical aspects, and providing technical support during the event.


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