virtual event management

Successful online events facilitate a healthy exchange of ideas between attendees. While hosting a small event on ZOOM is straightforward, planning becomes complicated with larger events.

Whether you want to host a large conference, webinar, or workshop, the technical details make the difference between a seamless event and failure. The last thing you want is to waste time and resources.

Seeking expertise from a virtual event management service team provides knowledge, peace of mind, and a level of technical know-how that helps you run successful online events. Here are some key considerations when choosing a company to provide technical support for your virtual events.


Selecting the Right Platform

Selecting the right platform that meets your technical and functional requirements in a cost-effective way is crucial. There are many different platforms suited to different event types and scopes. A good virtual event management service uses expert knowledge of different platforms to ensure you select the right one for your event without paying more than necessary.


Is Attendee Registration Taken Care Of?

The event itself is not the only potential stumbling block in which the technical details can act as a barrier to success. Before the event goes live, attendees need to be able to register for it. Online event registration is quite an involved process that typically includes:


  • Setting up a landing page or link with a functional registration form.
  • For paid events, properly integrating the registration process with your payment system.
  • Ensuring attendees know the exact technical requirements needed to fully participate in the event.

When choosing a virtual event management service team, make sure they can take care of event registration.


Dress Rehearsals

Any important large-scale online event should have a trial run to ensure full preparation for the live event. A trial run identifies and irons out any difficulties in using the chosen platform, which is particularly important for any speakers at the event. The dress rehearsal identifies any other technical issues that could cause frustration or failure during the event. Make sure you seek support from a company that values an organized approach with at least one dress rehearsal before the live event.


Is it an End-to-End Management Solution?

End-to-end management is another key consideration. You want to work with a company that handles all technical aspects of running the online event from start to finish to post-production. An end-to-end management service can:

  • Host a virtual green room for your speakers to stage themselves in prior to speaking live to your attendees.
  • Facilitate “virtual main stages”, breakout sessions, networking functions, and more.
  • Provide event recording and post-production that allows you to continue to leverage your investment in online events.


The Level of Technical Support

Hosting a large online event calls for a level of technical support that goes the extra mile. Your event speakers need real-time support that rapidly resolves any worst-case technical issues during the live event. If attendees have difficulty joining your online event or participating, they need responsive email support that quickly addresses any issues. Look for a virtual event management service that adds value with its level of technical support.

Virtual event management is a multi-step process with many potential obstacles. Partnering with a company that meets the key considerations outlined here is a great starting point for running successful online events. Our experienced team at GSDSolutions can ensure that all the technical details of your event are properly managed so it is a success.

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