Pros and Cons of Hardware Authentication Keys for 2FA

Hardware Authentication Keys for 2FA

Keeping your company’s computer systems secure needs to be a major priority given how today’s world is filled with cybersecurity threats. If you allow sensitive data to be stolen from your organization, you are putting your customers at risk, and your company’s reputation will be ruined for years (if you are able to survive it…

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Why are Authenticator Apps Better Than SMS for 2FA

why authenticator apps are better than SMS for 2FA

Using some form of two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is always a good idea to provide an additional level of protection against unauthorized access to your various business accounts. It’s an important piece of the multi-pronged approach you need to protect your business. SMS text is one popular option, which, although easy to use, is not…

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What is Two Factor Authentication and Why Should I Use It?


Two factor authentication is an increasingly popular way to add an extra layer of security to accounts. While your network might already have ample security, every layer you add is another hoop hackers have to get through to reach your company’s data. Although not everyone will love having to go through an extra step to…

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