Virtual event management services

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way businesses handle meetings and events. While in-person contact is starting to go back to normal, virtual events are still growing in popularity due to their convenience. Virtual event management helps you create better, more engaging events by handling the technical side of things so you can focus on content and your audience’s needs.


More Than Just Streaming

Sure, most people have no trouble jumping on a Zoom call. However, what if you’re trying to manage dozens or hundreds of attendees at once? Virtual event management services involve far more than just streaming a meeting or having a simple one-on-one video call.

Virtual conferences, large multi-company or multi-location meetings, and virtual training sessions are major productions. With virtual becoming the norm, these are often live streamed, meaning you might not get a chance to fix mistakes should technical issues arise.

Benefits of Virtual Event Management Services

While most video conferencing platforms do offer customer support, it’s incredibly limited and not always available when you need it the most. Plus, you’re on your own to pick the right platform, get people signed up, and answer any technical questions from participants if something’s not working right. You also have to help any speakers get familiar with the platform and practice.

Virtual event solutions lend a helping hand so you’re not trying to juggle all these tasks on your own. After all, simply putting together content, inviting people, and lining up speakers is challenging enough.

Picking the Platform

With so many options to choose from, picking the right platform for your virtual event sets the foundation for how everything will go. Virtual event services start with learning about your event and needs to help you choose the platform that will best suit your needs. From technical requirements to number of attendees, everything is taken into consideration.

Getting Set Up

While inviting and registering attendees should be simple, it’s not always straightforward. Virtual event management services providers can guide you through the entire setup process. This includes helping attendees register, and even going through a dry run to ensure everything works correctly. You can even have virtual green rooms setup for speakers to practice in and so that they can figure out how things work before going live.

Doing practice runs helps you avoid many embarrassing glitches and issues. This makes your event better for everyone involved.

Handling Technical Issues

Technical issues can and do arise at the most inopportune moments. Virtual event solutions providers can give you the help you need to handle these quickly. Is your audio suddenly choppy? The issue is addressed immediately to reduce delays and improve your virtual event quality. You might not even realize there is an issue, but event services team members can be there, working in the background to identify and solve technical problems.

If your participants are having issues, technical support is available to them too. Instead of interrupting the event or missing something, they contact support and get help instantly. When you have numerous attendees, you need a team in place that’s ready to handle support on a large scale.

Preparing Your Online Production

Your virtual event doesn’t have to be just a one-time thing if you record it. Get help creating a high-quality recording for future use. You can keep your video as-is, or opt for a customizable solution. The latter approach allows you to add in extra content for clarification, edit out technical glitches, and even create multiple videos from a single event.

Recorded video from your event can be a great resource for creating training videos, providing after-event access to those who couldn’t attend, and creating engaging YouTube videos to promote your brand.

Want to Learn More?

GSDSolutions offers comprehensive virtual event management services to help you create better online productions. We’ll help you choose the right platform and ensure attendees are able to register and get the technical support they need. We’ll also help you with dress rehearsals, technical support during your event, and post-event video production support so you can leverage the videos recorded during your event.

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