Why implementing IT Security is like Buying insurance

You wouldn’t consider running a business without insurance. From break-ins and natural disasters to accidents, having insurance gives you protection and peace of mind. IT security services serve a similar purpose—giving you peace of mind. But are they really alike?

Let’s take a closer look…


It Protects Your Financial Health

Insurance helps buffer the financial impact of an unexpected event that impacts your business—it “protects your business’s financial health”.

IT security services on the other hand, not only help you buffer the impact of such an event after the fact, they also include a prevention aspect to reduce the probability of certain types of such events as well.  They do this by offering protection against a variety of threats to your company’s data up front, and they do it by taking a proactive approach to reduce, or even eliminate risk factors before they can harm your business.

For example, would you rather deal with the aftermath of a major cyberattack, or invest in IT security services to prevent the cyberattack from ever occurring in the first place? If you think of these services as “preventive insurance”, then yes, they’re like insurance. They prevent costly problems before they can cause not only data loss, but financial problems as well.


The Protection is Far Reaching

IT security services don’t just protect one thing—in other words, they don’t only prevent malware attacks. Instead, they include the creation of a comprehensive security strategy to protect your data, network, and devices. For instance, data security management reduces risk by locking down access, securing devices, and providing real-time protection against the latest threats.

Similarly, you can purchase comprehensive insurance coverage for your business.


It Safeguards Your Data

Safeguarding your data is something insurance doesn’t do.

Your data is your business’s most valuable asset. If it’s lost in a disaster or stolen in a breach, it could mean the end of all you’ve worked so hard for. Standard insurance can’t protect you, although cybersecurity insurance can aid in the costs of recovery after a breach.

IT security services help to safeguard your data by reducing the chance of a breach. Since it would never be possible to be “100% secure”, these services include strategies for data backup and recovery when something does happen. This means that even if the worst happens, you won’t lose your data. You’ll have recent backups and be able to recover quickly, even in the event of a ransomware attack.

Data backup and recovery strategies provide an extra layer of security that protect your data, and also helps protect your employees and customers.

It Improves Efficiency and Productivity

Usually, insurance doesn’t help much with efficiency and productivity, but IT security services can. Providers of managed IT services in Palo Alto and the greater Bay Area don’t just help in securing and safeguarding your data—they will typically also analyze and evaluate your entire IT strategy, including all processes, software, and equipment.

Doing this helps uncover issues related to your technology so that they can be remedied. The final part of these services that we need to mention is optimization. Instead of using outdated tools and processes, you’re provided with customized recommendations using the latest, best practice strategies to help improve efficiency and productivity. Plus, more current technology helps you do a better job of securing your business’s data.

Optimizing processes makes it easier for employees to access the data and tools they need. It can also reduce repetitive tasks and even downtime, both of which eat away at employees’ time.

So, What’s the Verdict?

The bottom line is that IT security and insurance both “protect” you, but they differ in how they do that.

You need insurance (cybersecurity insurance, in particular) in place to protect you following a catastrophic event from suffering a major financial setback. An example would be after a ransomware attack, or a natural disaster that damages your IT systems.

In contrast, IT security services from qualified providers help you minimize financial impact by enabling you to recover quickly from the attack, PLUS, they also reduce your risk of attack up front via preventive measures like closing security holes.

When you work with an IT security service provider, you can get support when you need it–from experts. You don’t need to have your own IT team to get immediate support to keep your systems running smoothly.


Need Help with IT Security?

When you partner with GSDSolutions, you get access to a full range of IT security services, including data security management. This helps give you peace of mind against the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, and even added data protection in the event of a breach or natural disaster. With affordable and predictable costs, it’s like buying “preventive insurance” to give your business more secure.

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