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5 Important IT Management Roles in Any Organization

Technology plays a critical role in today’s work environment. However, trying to manage everything on your own is especially challenging for small to mid-size companies. IT management doesn’t consist of one job but a wide variety of roles to help your business achieve and maintain maximum productivity. Understanding the various IT management roles will help…

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Information Technology Services Audit Checklist

Choosing to work with an IT tech support provider is an excellent option for many organizations. However, many organizations are unfamiliar with the various duties of a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Using a detailed checklist is a great way to see if an MSP aligns with your business goals or if you need to look…

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Successful Online Events Using Virtual Event Management Services

Successful online events facilitate a healthy exchange of ideas between attendees. While hosting a small event on ZOOM is straightforward, planning becomes complicated with larger events. Whether you want to host a large conference, webinar, or workshop, the technical details make the difference between a seamless event and failure. The last thing you want is…

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How Cyber Attacks Can Impact Your Business

Cyber attacks can impact your company in a variety of ways. Staying up to date with the latest cyber attacks is essential due to the ever-evolving nature of these threats. However, trying to manage cybersecurity on your own is often an overwhelming process for most businesses and organizations. Using an IT service company that offers…

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Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Managed IT Services Provider

Choosing to work with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is a big decision for a business. An MSP offers numerous benefits, such as keeping downtime to a minimum, providing tech support, managing cybersecurity risks, and predictable costs. Despite all of these benefits, not all managed IT services in the Bay Area are equal. Keeping a…

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File Server Migration to Microsoft Cloud Services!

Microsoft recently released a new tool to migrate from a local Windows-based file server to Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive. The previous tool Microsoft recommended was which did not work well for on-premises file server migrations. The new way is via Migration Manager. To install Migration Manager, go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal >…

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