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Great managed IT services is about having the right expertise, using proper planning, and applying focused effort and resources to achieve your objectives. We do all of this by following a systematic, proven process that provides you with the highest levels of service.

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Intelligent Outsourcing of Managed IT Services Bay Area

After a number of years leading or managing your company/non-profit, you've learned that you cannot "do it all." Indeed, you have experience outsourcing functions like HR, Benefits, Payroll, 401K Administration, Accounting, Legal and even Information Technology. That said, in the world of IT consulting, you may not know that there are generally two types of service models: Time & Materials (T&M) and Managed IT Services.

The T&M model will bill you on an hourly basis. Because of this you typically only engage with IT services when you're having technical problems. Our Managed IT Services model, on the other hand, is a subscription service. It's based on the number of employees you have regardless of where they work (office, home or "on the road") or how many technical issues they experience. Here are some of the other benefits of our approach:


  • Predictable labor costs. (That said, you may incur some additional expenses for new projects, but even then GSDSolutions' projects are always done on a "fixed fee" basis.)
  • Professional and friendly technical support team available via email, phone or web conference. (Managed IT Services Bay Area -we are in the Bay Area and also available in-person when the situation calls for it).
  • Highly experienced senior-level technical resources capable of implementing the most challenging of IT projects.
  • GSDSolutions helps you manage and/or mitigate risks. This includes data loss/theft, system outages, hardware/software obsolescence, etc. We provide data security management services according to what each of our clients need.

Our Process


Technical Assessment

This allows us to inventory your current technical assets (servers, network devices, software, etc.) and to understand which of those assets are serving your needs and which are not.


Onboarding and Remediation

During this phase we are deploying our tools for support as well as resolving any major issues within your technical environment (on-premises, cloud, etc.).



Once on-boarding and issue remediation are complete, we work with you on leveraging your existing technical investments better. We also help you evaluate new technologies that will help your organization grow and/or be more efficient.

How We Support the Community in the Bay Area

As members of Santa Clara County and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, we feel an obligation to give back and support the local community. At GSDSolutions, we have been successful because of our commitment to delivering great service and support to our clients. In turn, we feel it's important to share the fruits of that success with our community in the Bay Area by supporting local non-profit organizations. We do this by through charitable contributions, and by finding ways to help them make the most of their limited resources. In addition, we also use our expertise in IT services to directly help non-profits. This includes a very worthy organization that assists stroke survivors in recovery. They also provide education, support groups and outreach.

At GSDSolutions, we believe that businesses should be a force that promotes a greater good. Reach out today to learn more about our managed IT services in the Bay Area.

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An email with a business domain is required.