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Trying to manage every aspect of your company is nearly impossible for a COO or CEO at a small to mid-size business in Palo Alto. One way to streamline your business operations is to partner with a local company that provides managed IT services. The professionals at GSDSolutions can handle all of your technical needs, so you can focus on running your business without worrying about technical problems.

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Why Choose GSDSolutions

If you're looking for a local IT services in Palo Alto, you should know about the important benefits of working with a managed IT services provider like GSDSolutions for your business:

  • Predictable Labor Costs
    Using a contract IT service on an as-needed basis can quickly get expensive, especially in the Bay Area. Such a service will charge you an hourly rate, plus the cost of materials. These expenses can be unpredictable because you can run into serious issues at any time that require hours of overtime to resolve. However, with a managed IT service provider like GSDSolutions, you can enjoy predictable monthly costs. This is because we take full responsibility for the continuous operation of your IT systems for a fixed fee each month. This gives you better predictability of your IT expenses, which makes it much easier to manage your budget.


  • Highly-Experienced Personnel
    Another advantage of using managed IT services at GSDSolutions is that it provides you with access to a team of experienced senior-level technical personnel. These tech professionals have the ability to implement even the most challenging IT projects.


  • Proactive Approach to Managing Risks
    Problems can always arise at any time in the workplace. A data breach can damage relations with your clients, while equipment and network failures make it impossible for your employees to be productive. At GSDSolutions we take a proactive approach to manage these risks to ensure your business can avoid these situations from happening in the first place.


  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Tech Support
    Technical problems can create a lot of frustration and make it challenging to complete job tasks. However, GSDSolutions is available to provide tech support via phone, email, or video conference. In-person support is also an option if you need additional tech assistance. Efficient high-quality customer support is always our top priority.


GSDSolutions Three-Step Process:

GSDSolutions follows a three-step process for each new customer.


Step One

A Technical Assessment involves taking an inventory of your current assets and determining which ones work for you, and which don't.


Step Two

During our Onboarding and Remediation process, we deploy the tools we need to support you into your environment, and resolve any major problems we may find.



Step Three

Once the onboarding and remediation process is complete, we look at ways to Optimize your business operations and set up the foundation that will help your company grow.


Shari Simpson, VP Human Resources, R-Zero Systems

GSD is a reliable partner for our employees. I met the GSD team while at a previous company and I was so impressed that we've hired them at my current company and, once again, they've done an outstanding job. The team at GSD are responsive, professional and a great group of intelligent, hard-working people dedicated to a variety of business and people needs...I highly recommend them!

Shari Simpson, PHR

Vice President Human Resources at R-Zero Systems
Alyosha Verzhbinsky, Principal, TEF Design

GSDSolutions has helped us transform what was once a "traditional" architecture firm into a digitally-savvy, mobile workforce. GSD helped us leverage cloud-based applications, workflow and communication tools that allowed us to collaborate with our customers in ways that we had not previously envisioned. They helped us do all this while still keeping an eye on our cybersecurity risk profile and by setting up certain countermeasures to help us manage those risks as well.

Alyosha Verzhbinsky, FAIA

Principal, TEF Design
Rezvan Moghaddam, Executive Director, Pacific Stroke Association

Thank you so much for your team efforts to pull this first ever virtual conference off the ground for us.

We certainly could NOT even imagine that this two-day program would have been possible without GSDSolutions involved.

Rezvan Moghaddam

Executive Director, Pacific Stroke Association

GSDSolutions - Managed IT Services Palo Alto, CA

GSDSolutions offers managed IT services in Palo Alto for small to mid-size businesses. In this area, we work with local accounting firms, medical companies, non-profit organizations, commercial real estate agents, retail businesses, venture capital firms, and much more.

We recognize that every company is different, and our goal is to understand and meet the unique needs of your business, and to leverage technology to help you reach your full potential. With an office in nearby Mountain View, CA, we take pride in offering top-quality IT services for clients throughout the local area. Ensuring your business is operating at an optimal level is a top priority for GSDSolutions.



How We Support the Community in Palo Alto

As members of the Palo Alto and Santa Clara County community, we at GSDSolutions feel an obligation to give back. We do this by employing our IT expertise to help non-profits make the most of their limited resources. In Palo Alto, we work with a non-profit committed to assisting stroke survivors with their recovery challenges through education, support groups and outreach.

At GSDSolutions, we believe that business should be a force for the greater good. Reach out today to learn more about our managed IT services in Palo Alto.

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