Managed IT Services for Architecture and Engineering Firms

GSDSolutions provides specialized managed IT services to meet the unique needs of various businesses, including architecture and engineering firms. We provide strategic guidance and support to ensure your high-performance computer systems and compute-intensive applications run efficiently and reliably. In addition, we also proactively maintain data security to keep your data safe and also ensure it is available to you and your team.

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IT services for architects

Why Architecture and Engineeing Firms Need
Managed IT Services

Since architecture and engineering firms need high-performance computer systems, using a managed IT services provider familiar with their specific business needs is usually the best solution. In the Bay Area, hiring someone in-house for IT support is expensive, and they may not have all the expertise your business needs. The need to support compute-intensive applications, like CAD, 3D, and VR, that require rapid data processing and seamless security can be challenging.


Using a managed IT services provider like GSDSolutions delivers the needed IT services that architecture and engineering firms need. They will review your business requirements, set up the right systems and IT infrastructure, and maintain them properly. Using a managed IT services provider for technical support on complicated technology resources will ensure you have less downtime, fewer security threats, better performance, and improved collaboration.




Computer-Intensive Applications Need High-Performance Hardware

The applications used by architecture and engineering firms generate large amounts of data and use high-resolution images. You have to be able to create detailed drawings, diagrams, schematics, and graphics. Project specifications can include symbols and charts. Spreadsheets may require complex calculations—using large screens is needed to see details. Your data and the need to quickly complete calculations require lots of processing power. Standard desktop computers and laptops often won't do the job.


​A managed services provider can help select the hardware you need. They stay up to date on the latest developments in hardware capabilities. They can ensure your special graphics card can handle the resolution of your big screens and provide the zoom functions you need. They'll recommend powerful processors and add enough memory for optimal performance. If there are parts where you don't need special features, they may be able to save you money by selecting standard components. Managed IT services for architecture and engineering firms can help you manage and support the technology resources you need.

managed it services for architecture and engineering firms

Fast Large File Storage and Access is Important

You create larger files when more content and details are added to drawings and images. On the one hand, viewing more details saves time rather than switching to another file. On the other hand, including these details makes the resulting file sizes much larger. If you must wait while the computer accesses the file from the cloud and then again when it saves the file, you'll lose the time you saved.


A provider with experience with IT services for architects and engineers can help with this trade-off. They'll analyze your on-premises and cloud storage needs and recommend an optimal solution. They have the experience and real-world results to recommend suitable cloud service providers and local fast storage solutions.


Effective Collaboration Internally and with External Partners is Essential

Architectural and engineering project documentation is typically the result of data from multiple employees, consultants, external professionals, and regulatory organizations. When all these partners can collaborate online, productivity increases. To achieve effective collaboration, the IT framework has to be easy to use with intuitive interfaces. Large projects such as airports, public works buildings, or hospitals require extensive file sharing on platforms with fast response times and powerful editing functions.


To achieve such collaboration, you need high-quality IT infrastructure that all partners can access easily. An experienced provider of managed IT services for architecture, and engineering firms can help ensure all partners have the necessary access. They can set up enterprise-class file-sharing and applications that support Building Information Modeling (BIM) to help you manage your projects.

IT Services for architecture firms

All IT Systems Have to Be Designed with

Security in Mind

Security breaches involving your data can damage your business, but when data from customers or partners are involved, it is even more severe. It can be a severe setback if information such as costs, price calculations, or proprietary specs are lost or stolen. If customer intellectual property or personally identifiable information is taken from your servers, there may be a loss of reputation, legal action, and regulatory complaints. You have to make operational security a priority.


Managed IT services includes implementing and maintaing data security functions. An experienced provider can recommend security tools and systems that protect a distributed workforce. Contractors, partners, and third-party vendors can all get the IT system access they need securely. When they log onto your network, they can collaborate with their counterparts but have access restricted to the data they need for their work. A managed IT services provider can document the processes and install security solutions. Such documentation can be for your use or regulatory compliance. Advanced data security is needed for highly sensitive data such as financial or health information. These security solutions can include remote monitoring of IT services along with threat detection and mitigation.

GSDSolutions Provides IT Services that Architecture and Engineering Firms Need

GSDSolutions provides managed IT services for architects and engineers in the Bay Area and the Central Valley of California. We have extensive experience delivering high-quality IT services specifically for these types of businesses. GSDSolutions can analyze your specific needs and provide a service offering with the required characteristics for your specific business. Contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can manage your technology resources so your business can grow and compete.

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