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Simply put, GSDSolutions is a customer service company. True, our particular flavor of customer service happens to center around technology – computers, software, cybersecurity, etc. – but, ultimately, our job is to serve our customers. We serve our customers the way that we want to receive services, that is, with integrity, with wisdom and a dash of empathy thrown in for good measure.

GSDSolutions IT Services

GSDSolutions IT Services - Our Values

Our values are our backbone. They allow us to do the right thing even when it’s hard…and, yes, even when we occasionally make “mistakes” or what we prefer to call “learning opportunities.” In fact, these values have helped us build an “employee-first” culture that we continue to improve on every day because there is no “finish line” in building an “employee-first” company, though, there are “prizes” of sorts. Those “prizes” are happier employees which usually lead to happier customers which, in turn, lead to NEW happy customers. “What are these values,” you ask? Keep reading below…



It may seem obvious, but if you tell an employee or a customer or a vendor (or anyone else for that matter) that you’re going to do something, then you should get it done. Say what you do and do what you say. When you do that, honesty and trust become non-issues in your dealings with people. Bonus: When you’re seen as a person or business with integrity, then you buy yourself some breathing room to make honest errors because people know that you will make things right when “learning opportunities” inevitably arise.



Collectively, our team has MANY years of knowledge “under its belt” – knowledge about computers, networking, business applications, etc. – and that’s great but we believe that our wisdom is actually what separates us from the crowd. Wisdom allows us to use our experience, our problem-solving skills and our desire to help people to transform our collective knowledge into innovative solutions that help us serve our customers better.



When you’re dealing with a problem, have you noticed that you tend to seek advice from others who have faced similar challenges? Why? Because, of course, those people have been where you are…they can “relate”…they can “feel your pain.” Empathy is the emotion that makes this so. In fact, we think empathy is undervalued in the customer service industry. When you contact us about a technical issue, we can relate – even we experience them – and so we will continue to drive towards a solution or outcome that works best for you.

Our History

GSDSolutions was founded in 2018 but our history stretches well beyond that. Some of us even have experience with “mainframes”…really. (What’s old is new again as mainframes have been re-branded as “big iron,” but we digress.) That said, history is useless if you don’t learn something from it. Our history has taught us that, beyond making money, we want to be a company that has values (see above) and that achieves some modest goals – goals like acquiring new customers, hiring great people, giving back to the community and so on. Perhaps our history sounds similar to yours?



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