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Our purpose is to help you fulfill your purpose by keeping your computers running well, keeping your data secure and by keeping you mobile in today’s distributed world.


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IT Support

Our services range from ongoing IT tech support services (Managed IT Services) to providing cyber security solutions (or what we usually call “Data Security”) to running your virtual conferences (Virtual Event Management). We provide this via a predictable cost model that not only aligns our interests with yours but also allows you to plan your technology budget as well. “Win win,” anyone?

Managed IT Services

In addition to reactive support when technologies “break”, you also need proactive IT support services to avoid those breakdowns in the first place. This keeps your team working as efficiently as possible regardless of whether they’re in an office or working remotely. Our friendly Service Desk team, issue resolution process and our tools allow us quickly fix technology “breakage” as well as resolve other issues BEFORE they become big problems.

Data Security Management

As the seemingly endless number of data breach headlines illustrates, your data is valuable…so much so that there are people willing to steal if from you. Some of these people have come up with very clever ways steal that data ranging from locking you out of your own data via encryption (and then “ransoming” it back to you) to tricking you into believing that you’re sending money to legitimate places when you are, in fact, not. Our solutions can help protect you from those people.

Virtual Event Management

COVID-19 really has changed how we do business. Global pandemic notwithstanding, people still need to meet in large groups, socialize and exchange ideas…we can help you do this “virtually.” From selecting your virtual meeting platform to registering attendees to running the meeting itself, we take the technical challenges out of the process of running large scale virtual events.

IT Tech Support Predictable Costs

Predictable Costs, A Focus on Value

While there will always be unexpected costs that come up in any budget (over a long enough period of time), we help you limit those unexpected costs in your technology spend with fixed billing both for our ongoing services and for our project work…we do NOT do open-ended “T&M” billing. Under this model, your interests align with ours in that there is no incentive for us to bill you any “extra hours”…instead, it’s in our interest (and yours) to perform our services (or deliver projects) as efficiently as possible and at the cost that we quote.

IT Tech Support Systematic Approach

A Systematic Approach

While our specific IT tech support processes differ slightly between our different practices, i.e., Managed IT Services, Virtual Event Management and Data Security Management, in general, our approach is to perform an assessment of your current technologies. Based on this assessment we fix/replace any technology/solution(s) that are either obsolete or not working properly, and then to provide on-going support (or project delivery) with an eye toward your future business goals as well. “Process” doesn’t sound as cool as “secret sauce” but we’ve found that “process” consistently beats “secret sauce” at “Getting Stuff Done!”

IT Tech Support Keeping Your Team Productive

Keeping Your Team Productive

The goal with all our Bay Area IT tech support services is to not only to keep your technology up and running and relatively secure from bad people trying to steal your data, but also to help you leverage newer/emerging technologies that increase your efficiency and/or lower costs. We also understand that the ROI on your technology investments isn’t always about efficiency or dollars and cents…sometimes it’s about making the lives of your employees and customers better too!


Shari Simpson, VP Human Resources, R-Zero Systems

GSD is a reliable partner for our employees. I met the GSD team while at a previous company and I was so impressed that we've hired them at my current company and, once again, they've done an outstanding job. The team at GSD are responsive, professional and a great group of intelligent, hard-working people dedicated to a variety of business and people needs...I highly recommend them!

Shari Simpson, PHR

Vice President Human Resources at R-Zero Systems
Alyosha Verzhbinsky, Principal, TEF Design

GSDSolutions has helped us transform what was once a “traditional” architecture firm into a digitally-savvy, mobile workforce. GSD helped us leverage cloud-based applications, workflow and communication tools that allowed us to collaborate with our customers in ways that we had not previously envisioned. They helped us do all this while still keeping an eye on our cybersecurity risk profile and by setting up certain countermeasures to help us manage those risks as well.

Alyosha Verzhbinsky, FAIA

Principal, TEF Design
Rezvan Moghaddam, Executive Director, Pacific Stroke Association

Thank you so much for your team efforts to pull this first ever virtual conference off the ground for us.

We certainly could NOT even imagine that this two-day program would have been possible without GSDSolutions involved.

Rezvan Moghaddam

Executive Director, Pacific Stroke Association

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