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Managing the operational functions of a business is a full-time job for a COO, and most business owners don't have the time to oversee day-to-day IT activities on top of their normal responsibilities. Outsourcing your technology needs to a company like GSDSolutions which specializes in providing IT services can be a great way to manage your business operations using the latest technology available.

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Why Choose GSDSolutions

Read on to learn why you should choose GSDSolutions if you need IT services in San Francisco.

  • Professional IT Expertise without Breaking the Bank
    Finding an IT professional with the skills you need to run your IT operations isn't always easy for small to mid-size companies. First of all, you need to have a good understanding of what those required skills are. Then, as you start the recruiting process, you may find that one potential candidate may specialize in cybersecurity, while another prospect may have more experience in cloud computing, but neither can handle both. Finding an IT professional with the right combination of expertise can be a big challenge. On top of that, you need to pay them competitive wages (typically higher in the San Francisco area), and also provide them with a computer, desk, telephone line, payroll account, and benefits.On the other hand, outsourcing your IT needs to a managed IT services provider like GSDSolutions gives you immediate access to senior-level IT professionals who have all the required credentials. Our professionals keep up with the latest technology, and have the expertise and experience to handle a wide range of advanced technical tasks. Furthermore, because you don't need to pay for the extra overhead associated with hiring someone in-house, you will spend less.


  • Predictable Labor Cost Model 
    There are two ways to outsource your IT management needs. One approach is to only call in a contract IT service provider when you need them, and pay them by the hour. The disadvantage to this approach is that your IT costs are very unpredictable. Unexpected technical issues can lead to many hours of overtime that can wreck your IT budget.When you work with a managed IT service provider like GSDSolutions, we take responsibility for the functionality of all your IT services and equipment, and we practice preventive maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. In return, you pay a fixed fee every month. In essence, you transfer the burden of IP management chores to us. This allows you to focus on your business. Having predictable monthly IT expenses makes it easier to stay within your budget because there are no surprises.


  • Friendly and Reliable Tech Support
    Technical issues can get in the way of employees trying to get their work done. Being able to reach out to a local IT service provider is a great way to receive the help you need to get you up and running again. You can reach GSDSolutions by email, phone, web conferencing, or even schedule an in-person visit.


  • Proactive Approach to Risk Management
    Cybersecurity risks are always a major concern in today's workplace. A phishing scam can result in a significant data breach, and a malware-infected attachment can lead to hours of downtime. Because of our managed services approach at GSDSolutions, we can take the steps needed to mitigate these risks with our proactive approach to cybersecurity to minimize the impact of cybersecurity threats.


GSDSolutions Three-Step Process:

GSDSolutions follows a three-step process for each new customer.


Step One

A Technical Assessment is the first step. It involves reviewing your hardware and software assets and determining which ones are working for you, and which ones are not.


Step Two

In the second step, Onboarding and Remediation, we put in place the tools we use for support, and also solve any issues within your company's technical environment.


Step Three

In the third step, Optimization, we evaluate your systems to help you make the best use of your technical investments. We also look into whether adding new technology can make it easier to grow your company and/or make it more efficient.


Shari Simpson, VP Human Resources, R-Zero Systems

GSD is a reliable partner for our employees. I met the GSD team while at a previous company and I was so impressed that we've hired them at my current company and, once again, they've done an outstanding job. The team at GSD are responsive, professional and a great group of intelligent, hard-working people dedicated to a variety of business and people needs...I highly recommend them!

Shari Simpson, PHR

Vice President Human Resources at R-Zero Systems
Alyosha Verzhbinsky, Principal, TEF Design

GSDSolutions has helped us transform what was once a "traditional" architecture firm into a digitally-savvy, mobile workforce. GSD helped us leverage cloud-based applications, workflow and communication tools that allowed us to collaborate with our customers in ways that we had not previously envisioned. They helped us do all this while still keeping an eye on our cybersecurity risk profile and by setting up certain countermeasures to help us manage those risks as well.

Alyosha Verzhbinsky, FAIA

Principal, TEF Design
Rezvan Moghaddam, Executive Director, Pacific Stroke Association

Thank you so much for your team efforts to pull this first ever virtual conference off the ground for us.

We certainly could NOT even imagine that this two-day program would have been possible without GSDSolutions involved.

Rezvan Moghaddam

Executive Director, Pacific Stroke Association

GSDSolutions - IT Services in San Francisco, CA

GSDSolutions provides IT services for many small to mid-size companies in San Francisco. In this region, we work in a variety of sectors, including retail, healthcare, non-profit, real estate, publishing, and education. Our office location in Mountain View, CA allows us to provide the best IT support available for local businesses - it's our #1 priority.


How We Support the Community in San Francisco

Our clients include non-profits in San Francisco whose missions range from education, to serving the large community of architects and designers in the city. We also make it a point to help non-profits who do not happen to be our customers as well. We do this because sharing the fruits of our success with our local San Francisco community is important to us. One of the best ways we feel we can do this is by taking what we do best-IT services-and using it to help non-profits take their limited resources and maximize the good they can do. This is just one way we work to make our business be a force for the greater good.

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