Business IT Services for the Bay Area

Great service isn’t a line item on some never-read “corporate mission statement.” For us great business IT services are the result of great habits. Those habits include hiring friendly and knowledgeable people; giving those same people the best technical tools available to get their job done; sprinkle in the encouragement of open communications both inside and outside of the company and you’ve got the makings of great service.

Business IT Services

Managed IT Services

Included Features:

  • 8AM to 5PM (Pacific Time) Service Desk for remote tech support
  • 24x7 monitoring of server and network infrastructure
  • Antivirus/endpoint protection software included for all users
  • Centralized password management software
  • Remote-control access to managed computers
    Managed backup for popular Cloud-based office applications – Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Data Security Management

Included Features:

  • Advanced data security tools
  • 24x7 network and server threat monitoring and response
  • Managed end-user backup (in addition to managed Cloud backups)
  • Third-party penetration / vulnerability testing available (at extra cost)


Virtual Event Management

Included Features:

  • Webinar platform selection and training
  • Webinar “dry runs” and/or “dress rehearsals”
  • Technical event facilitation of webinar
  • Technical support for webinar participants
  • Event recording and (light) post-production editing

Our Process for Bay Area Business IT Services

We know what you’re thinking: “Process” is about as exciting of a topic as discussing tax code and regulation. (Apologies to any “tax code-loving” CPAs who may be reading this!) That said, we will briefly say a few things about our processes for business IT Services for the Bay area. While they differ in specifics between our various practices (Managed IT Services, Data Security and Virtual Event Management), they all share some form of technical assessment. This allows us to determine where you are now, cost estimates based on those assessments, on-boarding / implementation time and a “user acceptance” phase. These processes allow us to deliver consistently great Business IT services across our varied customer base.

“I’m Sold! Where Do I Sign Up?”

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