How Remote Monitoring & Managing Tools Improve IT Support Services

Strong IT support is central to the effective running of any modern small or mid-sized business, no matter which sector it operates in. But managing your operation’s tech infrastructure shouldn’t be a drain on resources that could be better used in your core business areas to drive growth.

Unfortunately, with the ongoing increase in home working, not to mention the increased use of off-site data storage through cloud computing, it’s becoming ever harder for a traditional IT department to keep your business’s tech assets on track when they could be spread over a wide physical area.

Remote monitoring and managing tools offer a way to supervise and maintain even the most dispersed tech setups, making it easy for IT support operations to be carried out from a single, central location. What’s more, the technology is an ideal candidate for outsourcing, simplifying your business’s IT structure even further to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

What are Remote Monitoring and Managing IT Support Tools?

Essentially, remote monitoring and managing (RMM) tools allow an IT support specialist to administer the computing assets of your business without being physically present. They can remotely install patches and updates to desktops, laptops, tablets, and other office tech equipment, maintaining security and efficiency for everyday use.

They can manage any servers, network infrastructure, and cloud computing services that form the backbone of your business IT functions, ensuring security, maximum uptime, and access to the latest features and technologies as soon as they’re available.

They can automate backup routines to enhance data safety, tabulate and manage your operation’s software and hardware inventory, and set up system-wide restore points to fall back on in an emergency.

And lastly, advanced monitoring tools allow IT support staff to proactively maintain your technical infrastructure, spotting potential security problems or network inefficiencies before they can escalate into costly and disruptive issues.

Leading RMM Tool Vendors

There are many RMM tool vendors on the market today that offer solutions for businesses of all sizes. However, four, in particular, are mainly aimed at small to mid-sized businesses.

– NinjaOne: Formerly known as Ninja RMM, NinjaOne offers a full-spectrum solution covering RMM, backups, antivirus, security, and IT support functions and is compatible with all major operating systems and virtual machine technologies.

– Atera: Specializing in real-time monitoring and remote-first management, Atera proactively solves problems as they appear rather than simply reacting to support tickets. The platform supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and SNMP devices, with optional full logging of user activity across your entire operation.

– N-able: Previously known as SolarWinds, N-able offers several RMM solutions suitable for different business sizes. However, all packages emphasize continuous, high-level security with built-in endpoint detection and response capabilities.

– Datto: With a strong focus on automatic software patching and updating, Datto provides a cloud-based platform that’s efficiently scalable for businesses of all sizes, offering remote access anytime, from anywhere.

Get Professional Remote Monitoring and Managing Assistance

Remote monitoring and managing can streamline your IT support functions to put your business on a solid technical footing. Nonetheless, it’s not a silver bullet offering instant, easy results. Using the software effectively requires expertise, experience, and ongoing training to keep up to date with the technology’s features and potential.

Outsourcing your RMM functions to a managed IT services provider means that day-to-day IT operations can be carried out seamlessly, reliably, and at a lower overall cost than with an in-house team, leaving you with the time and resources to concentrate on your core business objectives.

To see how RMM tools could benefit your company, contact us to explore our range of business IT services in the Bay Area and Central Valley. GSDSolutions provides solutions that will keep your operation’s IT functions running smoothly and securely with as little physical intervention as possible.

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