A PC Audit Checklist from an IT services provider

Problems with your computer can arise at any time and make it impossible for you to remain productive at work. One way to be proactive about avoiding problems with your PC is to partner with an IT service provider who will follow best practices to keep your machines up and running. A good Managed IT services company will create a PC audit checklist to ensure your computer is running at an optimal level while also maximizing security.

Here are a few of the top things an IT service provider should include in a PC audit checklist.


Keep PC System and Software Up to Date

Keeping your PC software and firmware up to date is important to protect against ever evolving cyber threats as well as fix functional bugs in your software. Downloading the latest software updates is also critical in patching vulnerabilities within your system, as cybercriminals will often attempt to exploit these weaknesses. An IT service provider will validate the latest bug patches and security fixes before installing them on your systems.


Maintain IT Security Software

The Internet offers countless benefits, but it also poses significant risks for users. Malware, ransomware, and viruses are only a few of the many dangers lurking on the Internet. One way to remain proactive against these threats is to install the latest IT security software available. A managed IT services provider will ensure this software is up to date and enabled on each computer.


Check Firewall Settings

A firewall plays a vital role in keeping your computer protected from a wide range of attacks. Microsoft Windows includes a built-in firewall, and you can even install another firewall for an extra layer of defense. An IT service provider will ensure that your firewall is turned on to give you the best protection against cyber threats targeting your network.


Verify Passwords

Passwords play a vital role in keeping accounts safe. However, many employees use weak passwords out of convenience. These can be rapidly guessed by intruders by executing a brute force attack using a subset of all possible passwords. Business IT service providers can circumvent this by creating a password policy for employees that requires them to use complex passwords for each of their accounts. Using a password manager is a popular option for handling numerous accounts. Enabling multi-factor authentication is also helpful in providing an additional layer of security.


Encrypt Confidential Data

Cybercriminals are continually developing new schemes to access confidential data. All of this information is highly valuable on the dark web. One way to keep your data secure is to use tools to encrypt information stored on your computer. An IT provider will routinely inspect this data to ensure that it is encrypted to give you the best protection against cyber threats.

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