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Industry-Specific IT Considerations for Biotech Businesses

Biotech businessesare typically engaged in activities such as conducting studies, developing pharmaceutical products or building medical devices. These types of activities frequently involve working withboth valuable intellectual property (IP) and personally identifiable information (PII), making themextremely valuable targets for hackers. Because theyhandle a lot of valuable and sensitive information on a daily basis, it is…

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Top 5 Benefits of Working with a Managed IT Services Provider

When running a small to mid-sized business, you need to make sure you are making the right decisions on how things are done. For many companies, deciding whether to hire on an internal IT team or to work with a managed IT services provider can be challenging. Understanding the types of benefits you could enjoy…

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How to Build a Network for IoT

Internet of things (IoT) devices have become extremely popular over the past decade for both personal uses and to help with businesses. IoT devices can include anything from a thermostats for temperature control to security cameras, and even things like mouse traps. If your business relies on IoT devices, you will need to make sure…

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How to Select Anti-Spam Tools for Your Business

Spam is not just annoying. Spam messages can contain scripts that can load viruses or ransomware onto your system, and they can also harvest personal information. According to email security specialist Mimecast, 90% of cyberattacks start with email. Other companies with experience in IT security, such as Proofpoint, Ironscales and Microsoft, can also supply email…

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Why Businesses Need to Check Their Email Reputation, and How to Do It

When your business email reputation is poor, you may not even know it, but your emails might get flagged as spam, be blocked by some servers, or simply not get delivered. When that happens, your poor email reputation will start to affect your business reputation, which will hinder your ability to communicate with existing customers…

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How to Select the Right Computers for Your Business

  Whether you’re upgrading existing equipment, or just starting out, it’s important to do some due diligence when choosing computers for your business. Besides pricing, other important factors you should look at are your employees’ roles in your company, durability, reliability, and compatibility. Because computer technology is complex and changes so quickly, getting help from…

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