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What IT Managers Are Worried About Now

COVID restrictions are finally easing and things are starting to feel “normal” again. However, this loosening of restrictions also has left IT managers struggling with a new set of challenges associated with a hybrid remote/on-site work environment.     Dealing With Remote Workers During the pandemic, many workers had to work from home to comply…

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Privacy on the Internet: Should Your Business Worry?

Everything that happens online stays online–forever. Internet giants, like Google and Facebook, take this to the next level by tracking every move you make online. With these companies being such an integral part of the Internet, privacy seems impossible. However, people are starting to take a stand by using privacy-focused search engines like DuckDuckGo and…

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“Do I still need backups?” YES!

Many businesses have moved to Microsoft 365 and thus have replaced their traditional on-premise email servers. This is fantastic from a reliability, security and simplicity perspective. That said, many Business Owners and IT Managers believe that this migration of email data to “the Cloud” means that they no longer have to backup that data. This…

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How an IT Provider Can Streamline Your Business Operations

Understanding how to streamline your business operations is critical for a COO in today’s work environment. This is because continuously looking for ways to do things more efficiency and minimize downtime helps you gain and maintain an edge over the competition. One way to streamline your business is to partner with a managed IT service…

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How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are a major cyber threat facing all types of businesses. During a ransomware attack, the perpetrators encrypt all of your files and demand a ransom in cryptocurrency to restore access. Failure to pay the ransom within a certain amount of time results in losing access to all of your files. Many times, these…

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Selecting Technical Support Services for Your Online Event

While tools like Zoom make virtual event management seem overly simple, planning a major virtual event requires far more technical expertise. You’ll also want support from a partner that’s not only available during the event, but prior to the event as well.   When you have hundreds or thousands of attendees eager to attend a…

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“I’m Sold! Where Do I Sign Up?”

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