How Does IT Services Fit into Your Business Planning

How Do IT Services Fit into Your Business Planning

Running a successful business can be a challenge. There are many different things that need to be handled, many of which are not directly related to the main product or service that you offer. This can be an obstacle because business owners want to focus on their core business activities and not distracted by trying…

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Technical Logistics You Need when Your Business Relocates

technical logistics of relocating

Relocating your business is an exciting event, and typically means that you are either growing or moving into a better area. It is also, however, a lot of work. You need to plan out how you will relocate everything and everyone to the new facility while causing as little disruption to your actual business as…

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How an IT Service Provider can Make Your Business More Productive

man explaning How an IT Service Provider Can Make Your Business More Productive

Digitization has become a driving factor behind helping businesses grow, stay competitive, and better connect with customers. It also has the ability to drastically improve efficiency, while making even the most tedious day to day tasks easier. If you’ve never considered digitizing your business processes, now is the time to look more closely at the…

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Why Your Business Should Go Paperless

Why Go Paperless

Are you tired of stuffed file cabinets, transferring papers from department to department, and not having access to documents when you need them? These are just some of reasons why your business should go paperless. Making the switch to digital helps you save money, improve security, and boost efficiency and productivity.   Improves Storage and…

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Why Your Business Needs an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster plan recovery

Disasters happen when you least expect them. Once they’ve occurred, if you don’t have a plan, it’s difficult to know what the best thing to do is in the heat of the moment. That’s why your business needs an IT disaster recovery plan—so that you already have a well thought out process on what to…

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Avoiding the “Microsoft 365 Trap” from GoDaddy

avoid the GoDaddy Microsoft 365 trap

GoDaddy offers incredibly attractive pricing for Microsoft 365. If you’re already using GoDaddy for other services, such as your website, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the discounted offer? As many small and medium-sized businesses have discovered, the “Microsoft 365 trap” from GoDaddy isn’t the dream deal it seems to be at first glance. Features…

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