How to Safeguard Your Data

No business ever wants to hear they’ve become a victim of a “data breach”. Just thinking about it can send a shudder down the spines of businesses, employees, and customers. However, the reality is that businesses of all sizes are targets and could be a victim at any time. The using the right data security management services are key to helping you safeguard your data and avoid the stress, hassle, and cost that come with breaches.

Implications of Data Breaches

Data breaches aren’t something to take lightly. It would also be a mistake think they could never happen to you. Even small businesses with just a few employees are at risk. No matter what type or size of business, it’s a costly matter that impacts you both directly and indirectly. Simply having backups isn’t enough to protect you.

Before you discount the impact of a data breach, consider the following:

  • Many data breaches aren’t discovered for weeks and even months after they occur.
  • Systems may be brought down for days because of the time required to identify and patch vulnerabilities, restore backups, get systems back online, and help employees change passwords.
  • Ransomware can leave businesses with no choice but to pay the ransom or risk losing everything. Some ransomware still leaks sensitive information if you refuse to pay.
  • Data breaches exposing customer or user data results in a direct impact to consumers. This can lead to a loss of trust and a loss of customers.
  • Trying to hide a breach can lead to hefty fines.
  • Paying for identity theft monitoring for customers and employees can cost thousands.
  • Depending on the type of information exposed and the cause, businesses might also be at risk of lawsuits for not better protecting information.
  • Without proper backups, important information and customer records could be lost forever.

As you can tell, your business loses much more than data. You lose time, money, and even your reputation. Implementing a plan that uses effective data security solutions helps you avoid becoming a victim and having to deal with these implications.

Reducing Your Risks

Risks come from a variety of sources. Stolen business devices, ransomware, and even basic phishing emails all leave your business exposed. While you can’t mitigate every single risk, taking a proactive approach drastically reduces your risks and makes you a much less attractive target to cybercriminals. After all, if you wanted to break into a business, would you choose the one with an open door or one with multiple locks on every entrance?

To protect yourself, IT service experts recommend implementing the following:

  • End-to-end protection

    This covers every aspect of your business. Protect your business from ransomware, malware, and other viruses. Block phishing emails before they reach your employees. Implement better access control to lock down vulnerabilities. Keep systems updated to reduce security vulnerabilities.

  • Audits, risk assessments, and vulnerability scans

    Regularly audit your systems for compliance and risk factors. Uncover possible vulnerabilities and flaws in your systems and processes.

  • Constant system monitoring

    Use data security solutions to scan and monitor your systems 24/7 for any possible breaches in your defenses. This help fix problems before bad actors take advantage. Uncover breaches early before they go too far.

  • Data recovery plans

    Prepare for the worst. Implement thorough backups, document how to bring systems back online quickly in the event of a breach or other data loss, and how to effectively handle the situation should a breach occur.

  • Train your employees

    Training your employees on how to recognize phishing and other suspicious emails, and knowing when to contact IT services for help when coming across unfamiliar situations helps prevent many problems in the first place.

Partner With the Right IT Services Provider

Protecting against data breaches is a 24/7 job. That’s why you need a partner with the experience, dedication, and skills necessary to keep your business safe.

At GSDSolutions, our managed IT services in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area and Central Valley cater directly to your business’s specific needs. Our affordable, predictable cost model fits well for businesses of all sizes, and our proactive approach to cybersecurity makes you a much less vulnerable target for hackers.

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