5 Important IT Management Roles in Any Organization

Technology plays a critical role in today’s work environment. However, trying to manage everything on your own is especially challenging for small to mid-size companies. IT management doesn’t consist of one job but a wide variety of roles to help your business achieve and maintain maximum productivity. Understanding the various IT management roles will help you understand how managed IT services can help you minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and give you the best protection against cyber threats.

Here are five of the most important IT management roles for any organization.


1) IT Help Desk and Support

Dealing with technical issues is often a frustrating experience for employees. These problems may be simple to fix, or they can result in hours of downtime. Reaching out for support from your managed IT service is one of the best ways to quickly take care of these issues and save your employees a lot of stress. Access to IT help desk support is even more important for remote employees who cannot just walk over to the next cubicle to get help from a coworker.


2) Network Administrator

Keeping your network working at an optimal level without any “glitches” isn’t always a simple task. Problems with your network can make your computer system slow or unresponsive. A network administrator will also look for any signs of abnormal activity on your network to ensure your information stays safe from potential cyber threats.


3) IT Project Manager

An IT project manager plays a key role in coordinating across multiple departments to ensure each project is on schedule. These IT professionals will oversee all aspects of a project, such as budget, scope, and task management. Many times, an IT project manager will work closely with business managers and development teams on a wide variety of projects.


4) Hardware Technician

Technical problems with your hardware can arise at any time and make it impossible for your employees to stay productive. A computer will eventually reach the end of its lifespan, or it may be that some keys don’t work or the computer freezes up. A hardware technician will diagnose the problem and find a solution to minimize downtime. These technicians can also handle other tasks, such as updating systems and performing computer maintenance.


5) IT Security Manager

Cybersecurity problems impact all types of businesses. Malware, phishing scams, zero-day exploits, and password hacking are just a few of the many ways your business can become the victim of these schemes. An IT security manager plays an important role in helping your organization stay proactive against these evolving threats. Educating your team on cybersecurity topics is also one of the best ways to reduce these incidents in the workplace.


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