While hiring employees and onboarding them, and offboarding those who leave have always been important functions for small and mid-sized businesses, carrying out these functions correctly and efficiently is becoming critical in today’s labor market. Turnover is increasing in many sectors, and the work of finding the right people is time-consuming. Your HR department might be having trouble keeping up, and this may cause new employee training and orientation to suffer.

IT service providers can help. You can offload your HR team by outsourcing many of the routine onboarding and off-boarding tasks to them, and have HR focus on the tasks where they add the most value to your business. Managed IT services packages can include specific on- and offboarding functions where IT service providers run services for new employees, many of which can delivered online. When employees leave, IT service providers can put procedures in place that maintain IT security and protect the company. Your HR workload stays manageable while your IT service provider adjusts their service level to match your staffing needs.

Bring New Employees Onboard with a Hybrid Approach

Onboarding new employees typically includes activities such as orientation, training and workplace setup. You want new employees to be aware of and buy into company culture, values and work ethic. Your new employee may have to learn to use new software or at least find out how work is assigned and how to complete tasks. Someone has to purchase equipment, set up access to company IT systems and assign the required permissions. Phones, laptops and computers have to be configured correctly, and policies (including those related to data security) and procedures need to be reviewed.

When you bring in a managed IT services provider, you first discuss what you want to accomplish and the volume of work you want carried out. Managed IT services typically work with a fixed price based on the number of computers, employees or new hires. You may want a service package that includes other functions, such as security, cloud services, backups or technical support. In that case, IT services for HR can be integrated into the larger package for an efficient overall solution. In any case, a managed IT services model results in predictable fixed monthly costs for the services to which you subscribe.

Once you know what types and volume of services you need, you can decide on the activities you will assign to the service provider. For example, a discussion of career goals and company priorities is probably best held in person with management or HR, while the mechanics of setting up employee accounts in the IT system could easily be taken on by the external provider. Training and a review of applicable policies and procedures can also be done online and handled as part of managed IT services. A hybrid approach lets you off-load the routine activities and have HR focus on tasks where personal contact is needed.

Terminate Employees Securely and Effectively

In today’s job market, an increasing number of employees are giving notice, and you still also have to terminate employees who are not performing as expected. Activities such as an exit interview may have to be done in person by staff, but many routine tasks such as disabling access to company IT systems and processing some termination documents can be handled externally. A managed IT services provider can take on these routine tasks and make sure that policies, procedures, regulations and legal requirements are followed. Your HR department can spend its time looking for new employees to replace those that leave rather than working with those whose future lies elsewhere.

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GSDSolutions is a leading provider of managed IT services in the San Francisco area. Its Bay Area IT Support Services include data security, data backup services and cloud services. The company’s managed IT services concept is based on a fixed cost for a defined package of services. The idea is to offer senior-level technical resources to support small and mid-sized business within a predictable cost framework. Give GSDSolutions a call to find out how they can help you with your HR challenges.

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