Ongoing Risk Mitigation

From ransomware to a stolen company laptop, your organizational data is at risk from a wide variety of vectors. The sad reality is that you cannot mitigate all of these risks – as any recent “data breach” headline can attest – but you CAN take some basic steps to limit your exposure to these various risks and make yourself a less attractive target. Our approach to data security is to evaluate your likely risks and provide you with some solutions based on your budget and risk tolerance. Here are some of the benefits of our approach:

Benefits of Our Data Security Management

  • End-to-end protection using tools that ensure your data stays within your organization. This ensures your end users do not fall for the latest phishing scam (to name just one example).
  • Our 24x7 Data Security Management Team Never “Sleeps.” This is necessary since the bad actors threatening your business are always looking for a chink in your defenses.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are the keys that ensure your business can carry on even in the face of the worst disasters (both natural and man-made).
  • Incident Response Plan development and execution in the event of a data breach.
  • Auditable-level of maintenance of regulatory compliance, e.g., HIPAAPCI-DSSGDPR, CCPA, to name just a few.

Our Process


Data Security Assessment

Beyond a simple assessment of your technical assets (servers, network devices, etc.), we look at your overall data breach risks while factoring in any compliance regulations that you may fall under. Our managed IT services also ensure all your devices are properly updated and maintained.


Recommendations and Deployment

We offer solution recommendations and we partner with best Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers and other best-of-breed cybersecurity vendors. Not every customer’s risk profile is the same and GSDSolutions knows that it cannot be all things to all people. Once we help you choose these solutions, we help you implement and manage them going forward.


Ongoing Re-Evaluation

Data security management will never be “done.” The cyberthreat landscape is ever-evolving and your data security solutions need to evolve right along with those threats. Using methods like penetration/vulnerability testing, audits and the like, we can help you ensure that your data security solutions are not falling into obsolescence.

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