Pros & Cons of Dual Monitors

When running a business, it’s important to make smart investments, especially in the area of technology. One of the most common technology upgrades that businesses make is to provide employees with a dual monitor setup. This is where each PC is equipped with two monitors so that users have additional desktop space on their PC that they can use.

While there is no doubt that a dual monitor setup is a great idea for some situations, it is not always the right option. Taking a few minutes to learn about the pros and cons of a dual monitor setup will help you to decide if it is a smart move for your business. If it is an upgrade that makes sense, you can have your IT services team add the additional monitors right away.


Advantages of Dual Monitor Setups

There are many advantages that setting up dual monitors can have for your business and your employees. For most people, once they experience having multiple monitors, they will never want to go back to using just one. The following are some of the most important benefits that your business will likely enjoy.

 Improved Productivity

Having dual monitors allows employees to keep multiple applications up and visible at once, which can dramatically improve productivity. There is no longer a need to keep switching back and forth between apps to get the information that you need.

Reduced Stress

Many people find it very stressful to have to try to work within several applications at once because they constantly have to click around to pull up the pages they want. With dual monitors, this is no longer necessary. They no longer need to be interrupted every few minutes in the middle of whatever they were doing to open or switch to another file.

Easier to Stay on Task

When you have all the information you need on your monitors, you can stay focused on completing the tasks at hand. Since there is no need to bring up different apps every few minutes, it is a lot easier to avoid distractions and keep working until you are finished.


Disadvantages of Dual Monitor Setups

Of course, there are also some downsides to adding an additional monitor to each system. Being aware of these disadvantages will help you to make the right decision on whether or not to invest the money into the extra monitors.

 Higher Costs

The biggest potential downside is that adding an extra monitor means each computer setup you add will be more expensive. To start with, you will need to purchase an additional monitor for each system. In many cases, however, you will also need to either upgrade your graphics card or get some type of adapter to ensure your computers are compatible with two monitors. While these costs are fairly low for each setup, they will add up quickly if you have a lot of computers in your office.

Requires Additional Desk Space

Adding another monitor means you will need extra room on each desk to accommodate them. If you currently have smaller desks, this may be a challenge. For those who use their desk space to store papers and other things, this may make things more difficult.

May Be a Distraction

While having the extra desktop space is definitely beneficial for many people, it can also be a distraction for some. Employees may be tempted to put their work activities on one monitor, for example, and then something like YouTube or some other unproductive page on another.

Not Mobile Friendly

With more and more people working from home or having a hybrid work schedule, dual desktops in the office do present some challenges. You cannot easily just pack up both monitors and take them with you like you can with a laptop. You can, however, connect two monitors to a laptop so that employees can use the dual monitors while in the office but still take their laptop with them when working from home.


Get Your Dual Monitor Systems Setup Today

If you have decided that the advantages of having dual monitor setups for your business outweigh the potential disadvantages, now is the time to get the additional monitors in place. This will generally require more than just buying new monitors and plugging them into your existing systems. Contact GSDSolutions to get some sound advice and reliable IT services in San Francisco, the greater Bay Area, and Central Valley.

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